Find fault, small station was Baidu K

station before Baidu; GG included are very good, but some time ago Baidu began to reduce the included page, just beginning column column page, content page without. To some time ago, only the left home page. GG included normal, and now most of the IP from GG, Baidu rarely come. I hope you prawns help find trouble, and see what is going wrong there, Thanksgiving is endless. Small station is: is a regional portal, and most of the contents of the hand sent up, have been modified, prawns if you find any problems, please advise. Or restore, or add directly to my QQ22414535, knowing in the next. Sorry to trouble you.

Keywords ranking practice experience and feeling

        my company’s website is marriage website. Because I am responsible for website promotion work. After taking up the job, I began to understand that SEO can make a web site ranking up. So I started to learn and practice.

      in the beginning I only know some simple knowledge. Like a few modifications to the < title> < meta> such a label. Slowly learned that the website of the title of the article is also very important. And the reverse link, and update and original articles, which can affect the website about. Spent two months time, slowly put some basic optimization of the site work done. < title> < meta> label written, carefully modifying each page, and take pictures with the title alt, plus < H! > slowly, some words website rankings like ", ", " international marriage; international marriage; " row to the first page. This makes me very excited. Finally some results of.

      because the flow is not enough, I have to optimize the flow more words " " and " marriage; marriage, " the two words I used the same technique to optimize, but seems to be more difficult, I spent two months with the " & quot network marriage; do GG; second, " " dating; still in the third page. In the optimization process, sometimes I really don’t know what it is. Just know that the optimization according to some basic methods to do. Although the effect, but I still feel very fuzzy.

      some confusion, I hope you can understand. Forget my optimized station:

Designer Web Google


[core tip] Google free Web design tool, although the main purpose is now for ad design, will it become a Chrome application development tool in the future?

is surprised to hear that Google has launched a web design called Google Web Designer. Although Google is a strong advocate of Web technology, after all he is heavily dependent on the platform, but the market related products too much, from the professional development tools to the WYSIWYG software Adobe and the professional game player beyond count. But after rough playing, I found the location was very special.

lives for advertising,

first of all, it’s free. And it’s free for all of Google’s free products, for advertising purposes.

, an advertising company, argues that there is no convenient advertising tool for dynamic advertising that can be applied to different sizes of Google screens. So, Google provides the Web dynamic advertising development tool for the target audience, the vast majority of advertisers, for its true service.

yes, Adobe also has a similar product, for cross platform web development tools, Adobe Muse, and responsive web design tools Adobe Edge Reflow. But the free model of Google Web Designer will attract more people to design its web advertising services, cross platform experience advertising.


New file


Google Web DesignerThe layout design of

this product default is adapt to Google advertising services, mobile advertising DoubleClick advertising and AdMob. A simple and easy to use and free tools of advertising design can design more exquisite advertisers dynamic cross platform advertising, especially convenient for many small and medium-sized advertisers, and even individuals, can give the audience a good experience in advertising. The better the effect of advertising display such Google, will not cause the audience antipathy, the advertising business will will bring more revenue for Google, Google can continue to side can not afford to buy advertising goods Indoorsman geek provides free tools, while continuing to explore the future of burned investors money.

Apple launched the iAd Producer as early as 2010 to facilitate the production of its iAd mobile advertising, the main purpose is that iOS does not support Flash, resulting in mobile canton:

Also discuss how to improve traffic webmaster should do a few points

learning SEO, learning all kinds of promotion has been a month ~ below I also share some of my experience, ~

1. learn to write soft, learn the soft of the benefits, not only in order to increase your site’s reverse connection, and the main purpose is to guide Baidu spider to watch your web site ~

2. learns to create keywords. Why can other people search you from Baidu? That’s because your web industry is in front of you when you search for keywords. For example, the keywords of beautiful pictures, I think everyone can think of using the word to do keywords, but because people are thought of as can be imagined, you can row on the first page, unless otherwise did not play good luck ~ this time we will have to modify some beautiful pictures, such as the beauty electric eye charming pictures into beautiful pictures, beautiful pictures. At this point, your chances of placing on Baidu’s first page have increased greatly. this site did not know when the key words, Baidu included 900 article, but the traffic is only more than 50 ~ but since there are two key words taken after the first page of Baidu, the flow in the 500+, this is a very good start, more and more of the Baidu keywords to record your traffic will go up front this is the method, improve the flow of the most fundamental.

3. network promotion method.

these days try network promotion, the effect is not ideal, because there are people who do this occupation, but more than us, have no time to do this, it is not recommended to use ~

4. navigation promotion method. In fact, this is also a form of friendship connection, suggest new sites can find some related navigation for promotion. this site adds a navigation aspect of QQ, which can bring IP50.

5. for their own advantages for some promotion program ~ mentioned earlier is a QQ type, non mainstream type of Web site, so for your QQ interest group to promotion will be better. (new station should do) so in a month’s efforts, Baidu included two hundred, but the keyword is not too ideal, so the flow can only be maintained at about 300


short, the new owners of only one sentence, before you write the soft focus on Baidu, build some key words in Baidu concern you, on the site before Niubi use some labor promotion methods, which is not the best method, but which method is most suitable for you ~

let’s have a passion to be the webmaster, and tomorrow will be better, ~

Baidu day included new station of successful experience

a lot of people have done the site after Baidu for the collection and worry, and some sites and even long-term Baidu not included. This time, I did a test, only a day less than, Baidu successfully included my new station. Contribute this experience and share it with you,


helps a client do the website, Ganzhou termite prevention and control network, website: Completed in April 10th, after the on-line, did not do any promotion. After three days in Baidu site new station web site, found that has not included. And I also have a self-help link station (in order to avoid advertising suspicion, station name and web site is not public), Baidu included in the volume of about 1000 pages, Baidu update is more frequent. On the evening of April 13th, the station added to the navigation station navigation station, when the afternoon of April 14th site found that Baidu has been included in the new station, April 11th (this snapshot is a bit strange, 11, Baidu has visited my site?). Although now only included a page, but the actual combat results are still very successful, and the speed of the collection is also in line with my expectations, because there have been many times before such a successful experience!


summary: at Baidu high weight, frequently updated site, everyone is a shortcut to submit to Baidu web site, than to Baidu there do not know how many times to submit soon! Those websites, Baidu spider visit very frequently, may one day there will be many times. Use a variety of ways to send new sites to the above, Baidu spider found new web site, will certainly climb over to see! As for the method, everyone can more supernatural power. Go to the site navigation station and self-help link stations submit the URL is a very easy thing; if you do a bit, to the webmaster nets hair a soft, which after a few hours can be reproduced in the Baidu search site N to the

, a very good effect!

, if you have any better experience, welcome to discuss with me. My QQ is: 307080.

Where do seed users go These methods you do not know, OUT!

Hello, I am always Huo commandos No. 61, today to share with you, do guest, the most basic seed users where to find


first, we know that we must do guest, to the user recommendation, if not a basic trust, so basically, if you continue to issue, it is also little income, even some people will feel that advertising is harassment, back to. This is very unfavorable.

is there a simple way to find the people who trust us most? The answer is yes. We are our relatives, friends, primary school, junior high school, college classmates, colleagues.

These people are in contact with at least

, to have a basic understanding of you, at least you find people when they can beat that! You guys love days sleeping in class, also love the girl deskmate pulling braids, ha ha ha ha!

These people said the

, we don’t need too much explanation, or say, no need to cultivate a sense of trust, because trust even if for a long time without contact, arise spontaneously, or through some simple things, let you feel warm, these people are our best quality seed users, will have large use.

how do you use it,


to share a simple process, we can refer to.

for example, everyone has their own students, the students also believe that the time we built group, this time, you can go to the group look for everyone, first to send a red envelope, ask you how to, and then find a suitable time to cut, tell you their status. And then prepare yourself.

‘s technique is as follows:

Hello everyone, my sister (Shi Di) at present in the company looking for a part-time job, is the main safeguard of our school QQ group (WeChat group) QQ:2881860461, salary details, the work is simple, without any input is absolutely not a single brush, such as micro business.

if the students recently free, very easy to find you, because the students are certainly a little stronger sense of trust, at least not think he is a liar, and then to briefly explain their situation: our company is Tmall and Taobao hundreds of thousands of businesses need cooperation, sales, so it will provide us with some internal coupons. The original price of hundreds of pieces of things, as long as tens of dollars or a few dollars now, and then find a real commodity to students, it is best to have a real buy goods such as increasing the sense of trust to my classmates.

that student will ask you, then what do I need to do,


answers to the students as follows:

your job is to build a QQ group of your classmates (Wei Xinqun), the company will build a blank group for you, and then you pull your friends to the group, and then you can maintain them

Qi Ping network promotion must pay attention to several major points of attention (1)

network promotion is more and more familiar now. Especially in the current prevalence of the Internet, enterprise information faster. They also contact network for many years, I love the network promotion, so often to build their own website, but also a joke… But during that time, I learned a lot. In the network promotion and website construction, I also slowly sum up, the following major attention is that I usually, and slowly accumulated. Share it now, and hope to be useful to friends in need.

, point O: first of all, you must ensure the quality of your website. Quality is not only from the appearance, but also from the content. The site is a product, since it is the product of potential customers is the first focus on quality, but this product has its own particularity, it does not need to be purchased to be used, its quality is to enrich the through content, good and useful value to the viewer, the content can be the quality of the content.

first point: must distinguish the network promotion and the network marketing difference. These are two related and very different concepts, not confused. In the concrete implementation, will not feel blind. Network promotion, straightforward to say is as far as possible the use of the Internet platform, let more people know your site, product or service; and network marketing, is through the Internet as much as possible to allow more people to visit your site and buy your product or service, must return to be successful marketing. However, the two are complementary, and the maturity of network promotion will eventually lead to the success of network marketing. At the same time, the benefits of network marketing will be more conducive to the promotion of network.

second points: in the promotion process, we should pay attention to website brand, product or service brand. I found it on the Internet, enterprises or individuals to post in the forum of the so-called forum marketing, something pure product information, some directly in others that copy of the article, which also includes other brands. It is also overwhelming in all forums published, in the title of the modification can be modified. Doing so can only make others feel disgusted, not only can not play the role of network promotion, but also to others to your brand in the hearts of a certain degree of discomfort. Therefore, we must start from the long-term brand building, in the promotion process must share some meaningful things, in which the incorporation of the website construction concept, the nature of the site content and the advantages of appropriate, has reached communicated to potential users to.

third points: in soft Wen promotion, must do the essence of pseudo original. Soft Wen promotion, that is, in the form of text to their marketing website, products or services to promote, has achieved the purpose of network marketing. Soft Wen is to write out. Own a word, a word, a feeling, a feeling hit, it should belong to the original. You certainly don’t have much time for writing. So pseudo original, it seems very important. Pseudo originality is not plagiarism, but reading

Stationmaster talk about the course of website construction of summer vacation

In the article, "one of my sophomore Wangzhuan experience" in

before, I told myself in the summer of hard Wangzhuan experience. One of the bitter only and I like contact Wangzhuan novice to get a profound experience. Making money online is actually more tiring than going to the streets and selling fliers, and the chances of earning money aren’t really big. But learning knowledge, knowing friends and personal experience are beyond compare. Although at the end of the day, we don’t know how much money we can imagine, but the experience and the experience I have gained is a precious memory for us. Well, now let me talk about the process of building a website. I hope I can share with some of the novice masters who are studying and exploring with me. I encourage them to communicate with each other.

1, domain name space

domain name is not in the traditional network new network buy, the domain name business was too expensive to sell, not necessarily how good the service, most people buy in that is because they are a sound brand, bought the heart comfortable, but I am a student want the money, and did not feel the domain name the importance of all is to buy a domain name, which is to buy all the same, as long as can be used on the line, just as we can not afford to buy brand-name clothes, you can also buy a pedestrian street wear wear almost got. I know to buy cheap and stable and good service in foreign countries, but unfortunately there is no credit card, no PayPal, can not buy, Taobao had to buy online, buy a CN domain name, only 13 yuan, very cheap, used now have what problem, and then in the A5 webmaster forum see there is free to send the CN domain name, as long as the QQ on the signature changed its advertising, a month on the line, this is very cost-effective, anyway, a QQ signature on the line.

‘s domain name is found, but want to light a good domain spent half a day, many look good names are registered, then think of or do not use some of the letters, meaning very obvious with digital domain name, domain name is better, then do the other site can use. After the domain name, find the space. Space is also bought on Taobao, and now Taobao online business competition is fierce, a business integrity is not good, there is no way to mix on Taobao, and then did not think so much, that is cheap to paint.

two, the domain name space fix, the rest is the establishment of the station program, beginning don’t know what the station program is good, there are a lot of CMS, also checked the data, then found that the construction of forum would PHP wind and DZ is better, so I use is easy, because listening others get easy easy easy novice. It’s easier to change. Spent two days and two nights, and finally built the site basically, is a job search network, specifically for our school and the outside world of a job search platform.

three, the website is built, and then put on the previous application of Google Advertising, thinking that this is good, can sit waiting to make money, think it is very beautiful, the truth is very cruel, over a week, every day only.

What’s a buy site for’s Ensogo


note: according to April 14th news, online sale retailer $5 million strategic investment in Singapore sale, buy electricity supplier Ensogo. For the news,’s investment management director Gu state said, "Ensogo is a well-known group buying electricity supplier in Southeast Asia and Hongkong region.". The strategic investment Ensogo is an important step in the development strategy of global station. At the same time, we will also provide with Ensogo in the field of discount retail experience, so as to help Ensogo better development in Southeast Asia’s group buying business." Then, as attack, the first step in the global business platform, Ensogo exactly what kind of electricity supplier company? Here is your science.

Ensogo’s name comes from Entertain (entertainment), Social (SOCIAL), and Go (up) three words. Founded in 2009, Ensogo was formally launched in 2010 and was targeted at the social e-commerce platform. It offers discounts for club, hotel, beauty and other services. The daily discount rate is between 50% and 90%. Consumers can get preferential alerts by visiting websites or registering as members, while users can share preferential information via e-mail, Facebook and Twitter. In addition, in order to promote their products, services and online brands, the website will also make special offers for hot selling products.

currently operates Ensogo in Hongkong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand, serving more than 800 thousand web site members. In 2010, users saved more than $25 million a year on the line.

to date, Ensogo has completed the C round of financing, January 2010 to complete the A round of financing of $2 million; March 3, 2015 completed B $5 million round of financing, the investor is; March 12, 2015 completed C $7 million 600 thousand round of financing, the investor is Hongkong’s Ward Ferry Management.

for Ensogo, there are several big events:

was bought by eBuy’s group buying site, LivingSocial,

The United States

Groupon second only to group purchase website – LivingSocial in June 27, 2011 announced the acquisition of Ensogo, DealKeren and GoNabit of three companies, of which DealKeren is a Indonesia based subsidiary of Ensogo. LivingSocial’s acquisition of Ensogo is the first acquisition of the former in asia.

LivingSocial co founder and CEO T>

Property companies have difficulties in access to community O2O, how to increase income


property has access to community O2O

wants to eat alone in the community market, many vertical business segments are qinliqinwei. On the face of it, it’s thriving, but the actual results simply don’t stand up to scrutiny. Unwilling to open small farmers do not change consciousness, big property companies can only miss the community O2O opportunities.

most people are accustomed to from the perspective of the Internet in the community of O2O, to see how big this market demand, how many users, there are a lot of people often complain about doing community O2O. Property, property or not with either as a business, can not advance. Not only have you ever been quiet and seriously considered, what is the demand for property, and where are their pain points?

first understand the current situation and problems of property, but also help the third parties in the community O2O market development.

property common problems: property costs limited, labor costs rose, poor liquidity


property company to adjust the property fees is difficult, there are around the regulators and the industry association, the residents in the industry, property companies can not easily raise fees, but now the labor costs rose in the background, not mention the property costs for many property companies operating ability too so, the ability of some property companies began to try to increase the way to realization, and the cost of using technology to reduce personnel costs.


from the perspective of Internet plus the development of community O2O market can bring more income for the property, but in the actual operation process, most of the property companies simply can not do this work well, now many property companies are trying to be truly can receive the effect of scanty income. The most important thing is that the property based thinking, not much hope that other companies to encroach on this belongs to their market. The people who want to enter the community O2O third party company only "hovering around the market, not to do not want to give up.

today, even if there are a lot of opportunities to be realized in front of the property company, they can not eat, the changing of market environment, personnel structure of the company’s own resources, technology, depth of understanding of the industry, the internal friction resistance and other factors in limiting property in the community O2O market can make a difference. Whether in front of the property tycoon, or have a certain scale of medium-sized property, or the vast number of small property, each has its own problems. The third party to penetrate the property, also need to wait for the market slowly educating them, those big property itself try wrong, will pay attention to the feasibility of cooperation with other people, but small property real money after seeing other counterparts, will become more serious in attitude.

at this stage, we might as well wait for the first time, so that those who think they can do the property companies to try, and so they are more rebuffed, it will naturally come back to find other companies cooperation >