The provincial government held 1-10 months of industrial economic situation analysis

recently, the provincial government held 1-10 months of the province’s industrial economic situation analysis. Vice governor Wang Liming presided over the meeting and delivered a speech.


meeting that this year, the province’s industrial system and resolutely implement the provincial government decision to deploy, and effectively strengthen the operation and protection elements, take a series of effective measures, the province’s industrial economy continued to maintain a steady overall growth.

meeting pointed out that the current downward pressure on the economy is still large, the trend is not yet clear stabilization, industrial operation is still facing many problems and difficulties. All localities and departments to correctly judge the situation, serious analysis of new situations and new problems, targeted response. To strengthen the regulation of industrial operation, strengthen the protection of production factors, to ensure the full completion of the annual objectives and tasks. To pay close attention to the construction and investment of industrial projects, and strengthen services to accelerate the signing of the project will be contracted to meet the existing problems in the construction project, give full play to the role of investment in steady growth support. To innovative ideas and methods of investment, do a good job in the early stages, to speed up the reserve with a number of strong power, high growth of good projects, solid industrial development potential. We should vigorously promote structural reforms in the supply side of the industrial sector, and strive to improve the quality and efficiency of industrial development. To sum up this year’s work, an accurate analysis of the situation, early planning for next year.

the meeting stressed the need to thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the party in the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, to strengthen the party organization construction, play the role of Party organization, and the general secretary Xi Jinping’s "four major solid" implemented, provide protection to ensure sustained and healthy development of industrial economy.


Xining has built 66 judicial

October 25th, the reporter learned from the city’s grassroots judicial work conference was informed that, at present, the city has built 66 judicial offices, in addition to the 9 two in one justice, the realization of a township (town) one of the coverage.

it is reported that, in recent years, the city Bureau of justice to the building as an important starting point for the strategic task concerning the overall development of the administration of justice and the grassroots, laying the foundation to grasp, justice always in the judicial administrative work shows the basic power and the work force. In the 66 judicial, 18 judicial was named the provincial standardized judicial justice, the judicial administrative basic line of work in front of the ability to perform their duties effectively, enhance service level and capability of serving the masses. To carry out a comprehensive work of dual leadership in the district and township streets under the Bureau of justice, give full play to their functions, to participate in the construction of local economic and social practice, the principle of justice for the people, for the realization of play, highlighting the leading role in the construction of the rule of law, effectively enhance the judicial administrative work of the city’s influence. (author: Wang Xiaofang)

Wang Yubo and other proposals to set up special funds for the treatment of geological disasters in X

attended the two session of the twelve National People’s Congress of the province National People’s Congress, Wang Yubo, Han Yongdong, Bai Cheng Su flower show jointly recommended that the central government set up special funds to carry out the management of major geological disasters in Qinghai city of Xining province.

says, Xining is the gateway to Qinghai, and the window, located in the west of China’s Loess Plateau Huangshui River is a tributary of the the Yellow River River four River Interchange, surrounded by the loess hills surrounded by the urban area of 350 square kilometers, the urban area of 76 square kilometers. Restricted by the special geographical and climatic and ecological environment of the Tibetan Plateau, Qinghai city suitable for living area less, fewer, and in the northeast edge of Qinghai city of Xining Province, with the area of its incomparable advantages in location, climatic conditions and accumulation of resources, technology, talents and capital factors. In recent years, with the deep promotion of western development, the provincial capital of Xining city construction has achieved great development, has undergone profound changes in urban and rural areas, the city’s leading role is more and more obvious, significantly enhance the comprehensive service functions.

suggested that the Xining City narrow valley terrace width of only 3 to 4 kilometers, around the river is as high as 100 ~ jdsg 300 meters high and steep slope belt, topographic and geological conditions are poor, serious geological hazard is very serious, the city around 294 points of geological disasters, including 144 for large geological disaster moreover, collapse, landslide and debris flow disasters have occurred, not only restricts the Xining sound and rapid development, but also pose a serious threat to the urban area of nearly 57 thousand and 500 people and nearly 9 billion yuan of the life and property safety. The distribution and development of geological hazards, such as collapse, landslide and debris flow, are the first in china.

in order to improve Xining city security and geological disaster prevention ability, Qinghai provincial government attaches great importance to geological disaster management, especially the management of major geological disasters in Xining city as a key project of ecological environment construction and improve people’s livelihood, have been included in the plans for prevention and control of geological disasters in Qinghai, "12th Five-Year" during the stage of development of Engineering management. Because of Qinghai’s economic development lags behind, the financial income mainly depends on the central transfer payments, such a major geological disaster prevention project of Qinghai Province, it is difficult to implement the central financial funds, need to give attention and support. In accordance with the prevention and control planning, after repeated demonstration, the total project funds 1 billion 900 million yuan, the need for support and investment in the central government. In order to the development of the provincial capital of Xining and the safety of the lives and property of the people, it is suggested that the major geological disaster control project of Qinghai Province in Xining should be included in the national geological disaster control project, and the key support should be given.


This year the four magic so that people affordable consumption

"the development of circulation industry, foster new consumption hot spots, to ensure market supply, strengthen market supervision, the beginning of this year, our province will focus on promoting the market consumption efforts to encourage people to affordable, convenient consumption.

– the development of circulation industry in our province and will continue to support the transformation of a number of agricultural products wholesale market, an important commodity reserve facilities, accelerate the construction of farmers’ markets, supermarkets. Encourage the development of chain enterprises, to promote the extension of multi industry, multi format, with convenience and benefit for the purpose of the development of community residents convenience stores and service outlets.

cultivate new consumption hot spots: to promote the development of e-commerce, promote the upgrading of traditional retail enterprises. Improve the Xining, Hainan, Golmud housekeeping service system, the development of mass catering, brand catering, specialty food and beverage, catering chain management. Based on the characteristic of the tourist season and holiday consumption, the Spring Festival, a large set of special purchases for the Spring Festival shopping, special purchases for the Spring Festival consumer promotion month and other activities of enterprise development, vigorously develop the market.

– security market supply: the cultivation of large market regulation subject, strengthen the production and marketing, to guide large-scale circulation enterprises to establish a stable relationship between supply and production base and suppliers, improve emergency dispatch and emergency delivery network. Guide the establishment and improvement of local important commodity reserve system, increase the daily necessities and emergency commodity inventory, improve emergency supply capacity.

– to strengthen market supervision: crack down on hoarding and profiteering and price gouging business alliance, price collusion and other price violations, regulate the relationship and transaction behavior, promote the construction of commercial credit system, to create a good market environment, promote consumer safety.


Remediation of the coal market to reduce atmospheric environment

Coal as a major factor in air pollution, was listed as the focus, the comprehensive management of air pollution in our city recently, many departments of the Municipal Economic Commission Joint Industry and commerce, quality supervision, introduced a number of measures to rectify the coal market, banned more than and 100 coal or coal business, for atmospheric environmental burden.

for a long time, the coal market in our city because of the extensive management, lack of supervision and decentralized management and other factors, resulting in the coal market is in disorder operating conditions, the vast majority of individual business stalls for operating without license, widespread sales of bituminous coal, adulterated and Quejinshaoliang, pollution of the atmospheric environment and other phenomena. Part of the residents of small stoves, small restaurants and small workshops, such as the use of bituminous coal combustion after the purchase of excessive sulfur emissions, causing serious pollution to the air. In order to reduce the coal burning air pollution, led by the Municipal Economic Commission, the three County Federation of industry and commerce, quality supervision, four district government departments had a special rectification action in the range of three to four counties in the region to carry out key ban does not have market access qualifications, and undocumented illegal coal operators; fight against doping and strictly limit the low-quality coal into the market; the implementation of coal heap places cover, hardening, sprinkler dust suppression measures, reduce dust pollution.

through strong measures, at present, Datong coal business households 88, banned 41, rectification 47; Huangyuan County coal business households 28, banned 11, rectification 17; Huangzhong County coal business households 96, banned 21, rectification 75; and in the four district in the city, north of the city area as a concentrated area of coal trading places, in 34 households, banned 22, rectification 12; City area coal business households 22, banned 18, rectification 4; East District of coal business households 10, banned 7 the whole family, 3;   west area of coal business households 5, banned 4, rectification 1.

at the same time, the City Commission will establish a long-term regulatory mechanism for the coal market. In the county as the main body, the implementation of localization, network management, to further clarify the environmental protection, quality supervision, industry and Commerce Division of labor, to increase supervision of coal sales outside the franchise market. The basic elimination of the city built two coal dust pollution in the region, to achieve urban and county built without coal heap places scattered in the area, centralized trading market to take effective measures to clean dust and road facilities, coal vehicle sealed, basically solve the two city coal dust pollution.


Xining city light construction projects in the integrity of public signs

"do not resort to fraud project bidding; do not ask the owners to eat and drink; not to the owners of gifts, gifts and a variety of securities, credit cards and other payments." This is the City Commission for Discipline Inspection of the project area is provided by the construction unit of the publicity card sample. Small public signs, so that cadres and workers everywhere, according to their own ideas, the end of their words and deeds.

it is understood that, in order to further strengthen the work of the project construction work, to promote the city’s active acceptance of the project and the community’s supervision of the masses, from the source to prevent and curb the occurrence of corruption. Recently, the District Commission for Discipline Inspection issued a notice, the requirement of the future belonged to each project construction units in the project started, the timely establishment of "urban district construction project supervision publicity" in the project construction site prominently, accept supervision by the masses.

reporter observed that the integrity of the contents of the main contents of the publicity board includes the name of the project, the construction unit, responsible person, supervision units, supervision telephone, honest commitment and other matters. The establishment of the independent publicity card, to continue to strengthen the construction project of anti-corruption work, and strive to achieve the goal of project quality and cadres, to better quality, better service, better management and higher efficiency standards, the successful completion of the project construction tasks.

at the same time, the City District Commission for Discipline Inspection of the city will be composed of the central procuratorate joint inspection team on the construction unit to establish public signs of supervision and inspection. Do not require the establishment of independent public security brand construction units will be notified within the region. (author: Sheng Nan Zhang Jing)



To improve the environmental quality and create a livable city

October 18th, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau held a middle-level cadres meeting, the municipal Party Congress, the Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau Secretary Shi Chao convey the spirit of the city’s thirteen Congress

October 18th, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau held more than middle-level cadres meeting, the municipal Party Congress, the Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau Secretary Shi Chao convey the spirit of the thirteen party congress. Xining city environmental protection work closely around the construction of the plateau landscape garden city of the thirteen Party Congress, efforts to promote green development, has taken new steps to promote the center city ecological civilization level requirements, put forward to improve the quality of the environment, the plateau landscape to create a garden city livable environment. Focus on the following work:

is a to create a national environmental protection model city as the starting point, around the "cod" in 12th Five-Year, sulfur dioxide, ammonia and nitrogen oxides total control and pollution reduction targets, the all-round implementation of pollution reduction measures, the greater the environmental capacity and pollutant emissions for the city’s economic and social development for "12th Five-Year".

two is to water, gas, solid waste pollution control as the focus, increase pollution prevention and control efforts, and constantly improve the quality of urban environment. To promote the sewage outfall remediation as the starting point, do a good job of water environmental protection and governance. The full implementation of the water into the city "project, to speed up the coast Huangshui River main stream and tributaries of the sewage outfall remediation work, eliminate sewage Huangshuihe River and its tributaries, the Huangshui River Basin in Xining section of the complete collection and processing, monitoring, the complete elimination of the five bad water quality, small gap section water to reach the target water environmental function zoning.

three is to enhance air quality as the core, do a good job in the comprehensive improvement of regional environment. Urban and county seat of the government as the focus, adhere to the combination of non-point source management and point source governance, continue to promote environmental concentration and control, to maintain stable and sustained improvement in air quality. Focus on catering fumes, coal-fired boilers, dust pollution and vehicle exhaust pollution control, and effectively improve the quality of life of the masses of the general public.

four is to focus on pollution prevention and control, to ensure the safe disposal of solid waste. In the Industrial Park as the focus, highlighting the pollution prevention and control of non-ferrous metals, chemical, cement and other industries, the implementation of heavy metal pollution remediation and industrial wastewater disposal in Xining historical chromium slag as the focus, to achieve centralized pollution control and treatment. To speed up the construction progress of Qinghai hazardous waste and Xining medical waste disposal center, strengthen the environmental supervision of solid waste, especially hazardous waste, and further improve the comprehensive utilization of solid waste.

five is to increase environmental supervision to ensure environmental safety. Efforts to address key enterprises, industry, regional environmental problems, to protect the environment, to deal with the petition and environmental protection of the masses environmental protection 110 report cases, safeguard the rights and interests of the masses.

six is to increase environmental capacity building, and constantly improve the level of environmental protection business team. The establishment of the whole society to participate in environmental protection work mechanism, scientific and effective prevention of environmental pollution. < /;

How to make more money

shop want to get the desired income, need to consider many aspects of the situation, only the right to set up shop in order to better revenue, and now, the market is very broad jewelry market, investment jewelry is a good choice. But competition is also there, in the operation of jewelry stores, the owner can do to get the desired income?!


North City Party organizations at all levels of Party members carefully listen to watch the opening

11 8, the Communist Party of China held its eighteenth National Congress in the Great Hall of the people. North City Party organizations at all levels and all levels of Party members, cadres and the masses through television, Internet and other ways to listen to watch the opening ceremony of the grand occasion, and carried out a variety of discussion activities. Everyone agreed that the general secretary Hu Jintao at the meeting report, the overall situation, penetrating, sweep down irresistibly from a commanding height, magnificent, scientific, comprehensive and objective report summed up over the past five years of China’s economic, social, cultural, democratic, political and diplomatic achievements in different fields, but also depicts the future five in China the blueprint for the development of new goals, new tasks and new requirements to win new victories in building a moderately prosperous society, fully reflects the party and the people of all ethnic groups in the country’s aspirations and desires, comply with the requirements of the times, in line with the party and the people to hope.
for the construction of a well-off society fueled
express joy all classes now singing, now dancing
to agricultural development of confidence in
zone of agriculture and animal husbandry bureau Party branch after the discussion of the scene, unusually warm. "The party and state support for the construction of new rural areas increased year by year, the rural development and the living standards of farmers face change rapidly, I believe the future of rural development will become faster" agriculture and Animal Husbandry Bureau of Party branch of all Party members have said: we must seriously study and understand the spirit of Comrade Hu Jintao’s report, the full implementation of preferential policies, increase investment in agriculture, promote the progress of agricultural science and technology, enhance the comprehensive agricultural production capacity, promote the new rural construction, to ensure the sustained increase in farmers’ income.