77 year old entrepreneurial success history

nowadays many young people are tired of nine to five jobs, and they are tired of doing part-time jobs which can not achieve their own value. But they can’t be too early to make a stable job and get out of it and have no real courage to start a new life. But a 77 year old man did it. His name was Huang Wupu.

"if not Huang Lao obsessed with science, he made YOFC leaders is not a problem." Huang Wupu recalled in YOFC days, 20 years ago, the old men, now partner Li Yong said.

is retired, but his heart is still working for decades yofc. In order for the company to do a website, Huang Wupu began to learn computer from the age of 60, when CPU was 586, a computer more than 20 thousand, 61 years old when he began to contact the Internet, from the market to buy a US software began his research, the first site of YOFC from the yellow hand Po E. In order to process materials for producing optical fiber, it is dynamic, he taught himself Flash, to the end of his level can have a glass fiber wire drawing process demonstration like really like.

when Huang Wupu on the bus. The idea of English sentences, 14 hours every day, try to speak until the negotiations, a feasibility study report on cooperation with Holland and Japan is completed, can write articles. Basically the first year to learn to read documents; second years to speak; for some years in Wuhan, some of the designers when the translation. "I was thinking of YOFC need to cooperate with foreign countries, so English learning is particularly fast." Huang Wupu said.

Entrepreneurial chariot will advance the main battlefield of the real economy

Chen Weijia with the rapid pace of development to the interpretation of the hundreds of millions of people to create the value of the growth of the enterprise, of course, of which there must be endless efforts and sweat, in order to achieve today’s scale. Here to learn about

"big customer thinking" to win the market

and Boxun forefront of biological products in different markets, Changchun branch should be the general manager of special materials Co. Ltd. Wang Haibo believes, whether it is business or engage in production, scientific research institutes engaged in research and development, only keep an eye on the market demand and vitality. This year, our province banned plastic, the company quickly started Changchun Institute accumulated a biodegradable material technology, 10 years at present, 3 production lines will be put into use, for the production of biodegradable plastic products.

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Children’s toy store location sharing

Although the children’s toys have piled up a lot of

, parents will often give their children to buy new toys, imagine the children’s toy market is hot. Today’s children’s toy market is valued by many people, so the children’s toy store on the market is more open more. For children’s toy store, children’s toy store location is very important. Children’s toy store location how to choose? Let’s get together!


in traffic convenient places can always gather most of the population, children’s toy store location, but also to seize this point, store selection in traffic more convenient places. In addition, it should be noted, even in more convenient traffic areas, should pay attention to, in front of the store should not only a single line, or in the frequent traffic jam sections, so that the toy store, again good, I believe that is not willing to come to visit customers regularly.

Diatom mud dealers win the market need to master the 4P marketing points

diatom mud is an environmentally friendly building materials, the current market demand, was a lot of wise investors optimistic that investment is an opportunity to get rich. In the current fierce competition in the industry at the moment, diatom mud agents in order to easily succeed in winning the market, we must grasp the key points of 4P marketing.

(Product) products: products to meet the needs and desires of consumers

diatom mud sales channels generally have four basic types: Producer – consumer; manufacturer retailers consumers; manufacturers – wholesalers – retailers – consumers; manufacturers – agents – wholesalers – retailers – consumers. No matter what form should because, according to the national, consun Meike diatom mud over hundreds of agents, covering a second tier city.

extension (Promotion): marketing to be accepted by the consumers

diatom mud product marketing team, not only need to have help to promote product sales of various types of professionals, and each member of the market should have the insight and sensitivity, and to have division of labor consciousness and team spirit.

brand in the forest industries, marketing strategy plays a vital role in sales. For the beginning of the diatom mud industry entrepreneurial agents, to master some practical marketing skills is necessary, can help them get a good return on management.

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Clean and store environment can get customers’ good

if a shop, the customer has not yet entered the shop, first of all, the environment is very dirty and bad, but do not want to patronize, such shops also talk about long-term development? Therefore, the clean business environment can attract the attention of customers, in their minds to leave a deep impression, thereby increasing the visibility of the store, to achieve the purpose of selling goods. We have a lot of retail customers on the store environment is very clean and tidy, but ignored the environment outside the store.

we see the billboard outdoor retail customers name some careless is not "missing", is a long time fade is not clear, there’s simply bad also nobody, nobody asked, like here has been good for many years no one cleaned the same. The external environment can hardly attract the attention of the operator, but from these aspects, it is clear that an operator’s business philosophy and attitude towards "God".

in fact, the customer seems to be very sensitive to these seemingly insignificant little things, there are many people who will start from these small, thin place. Sometimes, it is because of your negligence, but in the eyes of the customer left a bad impression, so that the loss of sales opportunities.

is the second appearance neat, some retail customers to engage in promotion, publicity, often advertised on walls or windows above, long East, west one, like "psoriasis" like, not only destroyed the whole environment, and damage to the shop, store appearance.


other is outside the shop on the ground of health, as the store traffic, many pedestrians, and dander, wrapping paper also can hardly be avoided, as a manager, you should always ensure outside environmental hygiene, wash clean, often finishing, especially in front of the stacking of goods, customer turnover the chaos to finishing location in time, otherwise the Dan not to the purpose of publicity, but play a negative effect, increase customer’s bad impression.

good store image should be concise and smooth, to give people a fresh, simple, spotless sense, so as to attract the attention of customers, leaving a good impression.

a lot of retailers in the daily operation of the process of the environment is also very seriously, but did not form a systematic understanding. And through the introduction of the above small series, I believe we can really see that the business environment for the sale of goods and the impact of customer shopping mood. In this work, we must not ignore the customer side of the retail business, but also in the commodity business people, the environment is good, the customer to buy your goods, so you can do good business, to achieve sustained and healthy development, get more profit.

As of 5.24 Suzhou land turnover has reached 75 billion 440 million

land market and the property market has been the close attention of the masses. According to the latest news shows: as of May 24th, Suzhou land turnover reached 75 billion 440 million. Suzhou land market in the face of such a hot situation, then the land market will be how?

as of May 24th, Suzhou land turnover has reached 75 billion 440 million, an increase of up to 860%.

since May, the second tier cities in the property market and land market continued staged fiery quotes.

in Suzhou after the introduction of limited land premium, and did not stop the enthusiasm of the land market. May 24th as at 6 pm, Suzhou land market turnover of the land of the total amount of up to $11, up to 23 billion 570 million. Average land premium rate of more than 110%.


group took 31 days to the floor price reached 19196 yuan / square meters.

CAC group (19.100, -0.02, -0.10%) and agile also for the first time in Suzhou, they take the land plots have exceeded 15000 yuan / square meters.

Central Plains real estate market research statistics show that as of today, Suzhou land turnover has reached 75 billion 440 million, an increase of up to 860%.

prior to the evening of 18, Suzhou City Land Resources Bureau official website announcement, part of the land auction approved by the municipal government to develop at the beginning of May 23rd set the highest price, to offer more than the highest offer, the termination of the land, the bidding result is invalid. This policy is currently, and did not prevent the housing prices to grab crazy enthusiasm.

is not only Suzhou. The second tier city in 2016 to become the hot land market transactions in the city of concentration, the amount of the first ten, second tier city up to 8; the first ten big city, the amount of 5 months before the sale of up to 412 billion 215 million, rose 97.4%; Suzhou, Nanjing, Hefei land average premium rate as high as 100%.

Zhongyuan Real Estate chief analyst Zhang Dawei believes that the second tier cities rose more than the first tier cities is the main reason for policy. In March first-tier cities introduced restrictive policies in different intensity of the suppression of first-tier cities prices; from the purchase, credit limit policy, second tier city is also very relaxed, resulting in April before the funds loose, active investment.

addition, a small number of second tier cities in their own supply and demand structure determines the lead of these cities. Xiamen, Nanjing, Hefei and other cities in the current inventory is significantly accelerated to the process, 4 second tier cities inventory total of 12 million 70 thousand square meters, recommended

Chongqing million loans 3 years of zero interest to support farmers to start their own businesses

in such a public stage, rural areas and farmers entrepreneurship by social support, in the city of Chongqing for some rural areas to provide interest free loans to support, for the local rural entrepreneurship has played a good role in promoting.

key moments in poverty alleviation, farmers give full play to their initiative of entrepreneurship, is one of the best ways of poverty as soon as possible. But starting from the venture capital come from?


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What are the automobile service stores management method


car service industry market prospects, many consumers pay attention to development of automobile service industry, driven by the rapid development of the automobile service industry market, join the need to pay attention to the location, the address is very important, more conducive to revenue, car service to join became the choice of many people, the market development is very rapid, but also investment shop approved by many people, become a selection process of venture investment is glorious.

complex thing is to get the entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial success is not easy, but it is also a premise, is like a car service to join the success, is that you need to understand the skills of knowledge, so in your business car service to join at the same time, grasp the entrepreneurial skills is very important.

auto market has a huge number, bring considerable profit for the automobile service industry, more and more investors choose this industry, you want to invest in car service? Do you want more money? Consider is the key competitive advantages, the automobile service franchise should proceed from reality, have you seen the specific analysis of the in the post, do not miss a good opportunity to make money, quick action!

Good buy furniture furniture stores only the best wood

furniture, in our lives, has been a very strong brand to join the project. Furniture store? For investors, is the best choice for our business worries. So, what are you hesitating about?

a lot of customers in the furniture store to see a product, the first sentence is to ask whether it is all solid wood? When I heard the negative answer, I turned away. In fact, this is their lack of understanding of modern panel furniture.

we are in the home store, often hear the customer’s question is: this furniture is not solid wood? I heard the negative answer, immediately turned away, in fact, this is their lack of understanding of the modern plate home.

and traditional solid wood furniture corresponds to the modern panel furniture, is based on artificial plate. In the most commonly used MDF, it is based on wood fiber or other plant fiber as raw material, add resin and other adhesives, after high temperature and pressure made of artificial board. From the material, MDF quality, thickness and density range, heavy weight ratio, moisture content is low, not easy to deformation, is the world’s most common high-quality furniture plate. From finishes speaking, not only with natural veneer of natural beauty, and fitted with a certain thickness (0.30.6mm), has a good protective effect on furniture. Therefore, the solid wood edge, veneer is the highest level of furniture, even if the import of advanced European furniture is also true. Wood is generally used only in wood, edge and other small parts. On the other hand, whether it is traditional furniture or modern furniture, wood used for its material, texture, resources and other factors, there are obvious high, medium and low-grade division. Low-grade solid wood, its value is not as high as the veneer. Especially a lot of low-grade wood, due to dehydration treatment does not pass the reason (usually require furniture from wood kiln, relative water content in 10% – 12%), made into furniture, deformation and burst of great opportunity. The high-grade solid wood furniture is often expensive.

now, in our lives, furniture to join the project, has been a very promising brand to join the project selection. High quality furniture, a good choice for entrepreneurship. So, are you ready? If you are also very excited, then, hurry up!