How to look at the search engine optimization and user experience of the difference

and UE in Shanghai Longfeng need as soon as possible to enter the website of vision

in addition to the scope of the outside obviously different between the two, another well-known conflict lies in Shanghai dragon and user experience in emphasizing service in different visitors. Shanghai dragon often or basically concentrated in machine or machine for the optimization algorithm, which is the search engine and sorting algorithm, and the user experience is obviously not a spider feel put more effort. The conflict of these two views can be coordinated? Experience decisions together, experience no boundaries, seem to experience should dominate the Shanghai dragon, but in the long run but not so.

user experience?

from the actual operation level, in fact, in addition to some obvious extreme or not too formal Shanghai dragon means, essence of the vast majority of Shanghai dragon skills and UE does not conflict with the practice opportunity won’t as legend or practice understanding so much conflict. At the same time, the fact is that. There are many great websites on the Internet, in addition to fully meet the needs of users, can also search engine based on the enough attention, and to obtain the rich income. After all, we all know that the user centered, all else will follow (a baby贵族宝贝/corporate/tenthings.html).

experience not only from the user to access the site in

at first glance, the natural search engine optimization and user experience design seems to be not what common case. Indeed, Shanghai dragon are more concerned about how to through the search engine can bring traffic, the long-term stability of the network is that the appropriate page through the appropriate keywords in the search engine has a better ranking, then show and submit the relevant retrieval needs of the user, and the user to the site. But the user experience is in fact more concerned with the user on the site, what has been done in the website. So it seems, in general, the user at the site before, which belongs to the Shanghai dragon, then, once the user reaches the site, so they belong to the scope of the

in the online marketing a variety of means, Shanghai dragon is considered a more reliable, although occasionally there will be some people resort to deceit to stir, and maybe get some success, which is why Shanghai dragon has been inseparable from the evaluation and get both praise and blame. However, no >

as the user experience by proponents of that experience is everything, and not far from the user experience to arrive at the site, apparently also not end when the user leaves the site. The user experience should be very concerned about how to get to the site visitors, apparently also should pay attention to the website to give visitors online and offline experience know, also, Shanghai dragon should also pay attention to reach users of the site is especially practical significance, the visitor experience directly determines whether it will visit the site again, in the long run at the same time, it also determines the ultimate fate of the website of Shanghai Longfeng effect.

Love Shanghai Shanghai dragon ER algorithm frequent adjustments to hold live

in February 2012, love Shanghai algorithm adjust the abnormal effect caused by the adjustment of algorithm frequent, mainly focus on medical classes, education classes, training classes for those sites; optimization over the site batch right down, there are a few sites survive, rise before the ranking is not ideal site appears on the front page!

, I suggest you Shanghai Longfeng ER to hold live, not because of frequent adjustment of love in Shanghai, the website ranking fluctuations in the moment and mess, or should be in accordance with their own plans to do daily updates, the construction of the chain, the search engine is not likely to abandon a day with "fresh blood" website.

love Shanghai adjustment algorithm since love Shanghai was established there, every website ranking fluctuations, Shanghai dragon ER in various forums, blogs on their love Shanghai algorithm to adjust how, how do you see these hot articles, there is no said stop web content update to stop the construction of the chain, discussion, in fact, to the final conclusion, or that a content + chain;


unless otherwise noted, the article is Wuhan Shanghai dragon Du ice original, reproduced please indicate the source, thank you! Category: network optimization


I took to do the medical industry site from April last year, due to the medical industry of Shanghai Longfeng dependence is very high, they also increase the degree of concern to love Shanghai, love Shanghai every time adjustment, I will record and analysis; through the observation of nearly a year, I found that every time before and after the noble baby PR update this time, the love of Shanghai will make a strong response, especially in some of Shanghai, a relatively high dependence on industry last year, love Shanghai frequent adjustments, also occurred two times, so I think love Shanghai’s recent frequent adjustments, should be of noble baby in a response to the Lantern Festival PR update.


recently, I also pay attention to change has been ranked in the website, found some strange phenomenon, for example: the word "Wuhan plastic surgery hospital", is a very competitive incentive keywords, currently ranked first since it is an open website, the index ranked second sites in Shanghai dragon is not how, but the two stations have a common point, the domain name for a long period, there are five to six years, we can see that love Shanghai for the old domain is very care; but I think love is not the end of the adjustment of Shanghai, Shanghai will not allow a love not open this website to get good rankings, and is a competitive industry station;

address: 贵族宝贝xyboys贵族宝贝/ Shanghai dragon /44.html

for the love Shanghai frequent adjustment algorithm, Wuhan Shanghai dragon Du ice to talk about his own views:

Taobao off profits high turnover products Wangzhuan mining GuideTaobao push customers to make money


through the above picture, we can find: the most common slogan is the 4 high: "high credibility, high unit price, Gao Yongjin, high conversion rate."".

but any Wangzhuan on the net profits of not more than two months, and soon someone will copy method, information spread, cause the attention of the administrator, put this diary are deleted, while shielding your connection, which is Taobao advertising does not go.

section address: club.alimama/thread-htm-fid-158.html

, if we go to Ali mother community "find Taobao customers" plate, it is not difficult to find, dispensers are invited Taobao customers to promote their products, such as figure.

, taoke.alimama/spreader/adShopDetail.htm, shopKeeperID=15042148& od=9

immediately let you have a mall, to promote their own mall, you can make money!

theme post address: club.alimama/read-htm-tid-611571.html

I’ve always liked the Internet and I like to study something. 08 years after I registered guest contact, a Alipay, a registered mom started to do. At the beginning of a problem is the first encounter: how to sell things? To whom? I think everyone’s methods are not the same, I always love to play "campus network", so I decided to sell the user, proved my idea is feasible. School network has 40 million registered users, as long as firmly grasp this community, the Taobao shopping guide do, you must have money.


example above, Taobao is recruiting off the "white skin spring flagship store" to his credit in store promotion can see, as shown below, this is a crown Mall:

choose Taobao customers, we all agreed that must be profiteering products, that is, commission must be high, for example, each currently do Taobao guest training are used as a case of weight loss products.

I suggest that new friends do a thing, but also to sh419 search, "push customers", to understand what is pushing passengers. Then take a look at my Taobao push station,, and you see, super simple.

one, high reputation

my specific promotion process introduced to you:

for several months, I have been trying to push the word "guest". One day in June, I made a search at sh419.

sum up >

secondly: we should also look at the overall strength of the store, such as customer work hours, the beauty of the shop floor decoration and so on. Just imagine, this shop three days fishing, two days drying nets, page decoration messy, although the credit looks high, perhaps brush up.


has 2 kinds of shops on Taobao, one is mart C shop, two is Taobao mall B shop. C shop is able to see the credit, B shop default does not show, but in the promotion of Taobao customers, you can see the B store credit.

, when we choose the product, we should first take a closer look at each other’s credit, if the shopkeeper credit is not high, you can not easily hard to promote the flow of goods arrived at the store later, it may be difficult to clinch a deal. So empty.

I think the experience of how to be a Taobao has been countless.

thus lead to a lot of just getting started or want to do Taobao customers but people eager to slimming products, SEO competition is too difficult, then as a guest or Taobao webmaster Wangzhuan what should choose what products to do Taobao

, in fact, is Taobao’s Web site, which helps Taobao sellers sell items to get commission for an online career. The more you help sellers sell, the higher commission you get. For details, let’s take a look at the official website I don’t waste much time here. To add that, you can see in this home page, Taobao’s first weekly income of more than 20 thousand, a year’s income of about 1 million. Many friends feel incredible, but this is actually exist, any industry has top experts, of course, can be sure that such a high income is certainly not personal operation.

but here’s what I want to tell you. The point is that the method is dead, but the human being is alive. That’s why I always emphasize a little bit in the group

here, I want to feature a reminder that the campus network has a very amazing feature called "sharing."". Its role is probably the case, for example, you wrote a diary, once you published, all the friends you can see friends to see that after this diary, he will share with his friends. Once he shared it, his best friend would see the diary. In general, it’s a model of 1, 10, 10, 100100, 1000". I don’t know if I made it clear.

so how exactly should we choose? Just take a look at these 4 slogans.


Three kinds of mobile user experience to help you improve website ranking

mobile Internet user modeThe ultimate goal of

two mobile devices. The appearance of the new

In the past few Another important factor affecting the user experience is the mobile

mobile users another use of the characteristics of the mobile phone is in free, need to pass the time, so it is needed to ER for Shanghai dragon to potential target users to provide entertainment or constructive content.

In recent years,


mobile devices is dedicated to the design of the Internet, but now the situation is changing rapidly. Apple’s iPhone series, led to the emergence of a large number of large screen, specifically for Internet users to mobile devices. So now just need to have a mobile network to meet the requirement of visitors — >

first, I want to emphasize is the Shanghai dragon to achieve profitability, then no matter what the consumers through the means of access to the site, you want him to achieve your intended target. For the mobile network, the limitation is very big, not much we can do, so we have to consider how to deal with. For example, a sales staff, he is the first thing is to understand the user in what place, there is a clear goal, he can arrive in time and occupy the local market share. As this example said, Shanghai mobile dragon first determine your target users.

3G network has been developing rapidly, more and more people begin to use 3G mobile phone with Internet, mobile network in Shanghai dragon is particularly important. To understand the importance of the mobile network of Shanghai dragon platform, we must first understand the user experience, because the mobile network, the mobile device is not the same, so each user experience is not the same, so do the mobile network of Shanghai dragon we need to consider many aspects, under the Shenyang Shanghai dragon will talk about an individual of Pu experience of mobile user’s understanding of Shanghai dragon.


mobile phone users with the Internet to find information, always hope very fast to find the answers they need, or commodity information. But attention is needed on a mobile device input is very inconvenient, more important is the user may not spend a lot of time in the search. In most cases, users may browse a page to view three. Under normal circumstances, the mobile search engine to show the user information page is only 6 to 10, if you can not appear in front of the search results, you have no chance to show to the user.

mobile device. With the advent of Apple’s mobile phone people the way the Internet is gradually changing. These devices are full screen, you can slide out keyboard with some equipment, some equipment has a keyboard on the screen, so as to overcome the URL user input and information on the web is difficult. Switching between current device can also be provided by operators of the wireless network signal and Wi-Fi network, so users can have faster download speed, it is convenient for the user experience.

Optimization of the enterprise site drainage not too fast, otherwise the consequences!

network promotion way, people feel more suitable for some content (news, educational sites, portals, etc.) through different ways to promote such as QQ group, forum, email, micro-blog, WeChat, public and so on, to find the target population; the fastest way to trapping the user, of course they need to organize promotion. When interned at large car news website, and later because of personal reasons. They promote several ways to see: for example, event marketing, such as encountered today what news, they through micro-blog, forum, QQ group immediately promotion, attention and communication of users. One day traffic can reach the explosive rise, this is the promotion of drainage. Is reading the crowd there know, time to drainage. Of course, this way is suitable for the enterprise site? Please read below

comes with network promotion and optimization of Shanghai dragon, it is the pursuit of dream of every web site. But not every site right. Just as some enterprise site is not suitable, because there is not enough content to support users, take my car before the bulk feed itself website, search volume is very small, if the user is not the case, every day dozens of guide peer IP, this will lead to a high bounce rate, if one day no diversion, as I said above the site will be K. Which website for this way? For example, girl’s blog, because we all love come and see my article, also share some special steam optimization ideas. So you will often see the girl in the group "advertisement". In each.

With the promotion of the

to network promotion for the purpose of drainage

in Shanghai for the purpose of optimizing the Longfeng drainage

optimization pay attention to many methods, but the enterprise site to drainage for the purpose of the few, like before writing the article with NH case analysis also left a link, every day there are brothers and sisters to analysis. In a short time the website ranking rise quickly, but they are unable to maintain the stability of the rankings, once the stop drainage leads to love Shanghai right down, remove all rankings. Why? A good website, if the Shanghai dragon for survival, will lead to completely rely on search engines to survive. If the day does not give the search engine traffic will be so dead station (K station). The enterprise site is like this, because it does not provide long-term public demand content, content limitation is very narrow, not long-term real users. Although a short time can let users diversion, but not long-term (peer, potential users) stay and collection. Later led to the search engine K station. A deep understanding of this girl, please remember, there is a risk of drainage.

Shanghai dragon

network optimization of Shanghai Longfeng drainage

[introduction] before written an article "optimization case" Shanghai dragon failed in an article about drainage too fast will cause drop right, then why would be down right? From the optimization of multiple NH designed steam site heart of Germany, the aim of drainage has many kinds, each kind of different ways, there will be different results.

Love the sea K station are rational and relatively extreme crazy


, I found it in this period of time. Many domestic Shanghai dragon master are not involved in this kind of thing, take a look at the most lively, and even in the waves, I think they are anxious to webmasters and love against Shanghai.

There is no doubt that


yes, love Shanghai! Love Shanghai only light to a complaint entrance. Even apologies are basically collapse of most webmaster front. Now, still crazy and love against the Shanghai

crazy action is to let the network on the topic of the overwhelming information. Love Shanghai really feel the pressure. Finally, the opening of a website can make complaints to way to restore the site, for a long time before this, love has given any response to cocoa? It also shows that the pressure plays a role. The webmaster behavior has been paid attention to

virtuous, this is the love of Shanghai current practice. At the beginning of July to the present, many webmaster spontaneously organized, began to love Shanghai war. The main way is through the malicious click love Shanghai PPC website, in the hope of those sites to stop advertising, to put pressure on Shanghai to love. Have to say, this is a kind of madness.

Because of

however, in countless stationmaster directly to love Shanghai war. I saw more crazy. Don’t let love directly Shanghai spiders crawl? We must resolutely and love Shanghai against the slogan of Khan’s buzzing. But the means but also just crazy click on a medical, machinery industry website ranking.

download the attachment (128.11 KB)

there is no doubt that the Shanghai K station acts of love, has made countless stationmaster began crazy. In June 28th, millions of people uneasy, restlessness, but still endured. After several days, love Shanghai but still did not give the webmaster a statement, love Shanghai already forgotten, is countless stationmaster support, really let love become the current search engine China Shanghai ace. This time, I saw the crazy, and a few of the reason.

, many people have begun to study the new algorithm in Shanghai love this time. Shanghai love what exactly do? Obviously, these things, in the professional Shanghai dragon eyes, is the most important. Get changed to love Shanghai, well, this is the king. This is a rational face.

this is the status quo.

the profit is


, a head of the crazy

webmaster and how much?Two, to learn the essence of the But

22:48 yesterday upload


but obviously, many owners did not do this. Just hope to change their love in Shanghai. Then you >

You must first think Wangzhuan moneyEntrepreneurs say you need to know about the 3 things you need t

at the same time, I and my partner Josh also has many e-mail communication, although we also use instant messaging software, but I will explain my ideas for products, by mail to Josh and some marketing strategies. At the same time, Josh will answer many of my customers’ questions via mail. In addition, we also use the Asana system to manage our work tasks, so we receive a lot of reminder mail.

many jobs are actually related to mail,

a lot of people ask me, what was the day at Exist?. After a lot of thinking, I found that a lot of work started with mail.

Wangzhuan, especially free Wangzhuan, this misunderstanding. That is the network to make money, the day will be able to earn a few hundred, all of a sudden, very light through the. A long time ago, the reason is probably on the network there are people making money short time, such as Ma Yun, Ma Huateng, they are quite realistic industry, making money faster. On the other hand, nowadays, the increasing number of cheating courses on the Internet has made many people misunderstand. On the one hand, the Internet doesn’t make money. On the other hand, the Internet is very profitable and easy.

has a lot of similar work, so creating a start-up company has a lot to do with sending emails, even my technical partner, Josh.

, I found another problem, that is a lot of time, I need to contact a person, this person is far away with my relationship, I need to contact him by other people, but these people in fact of our products is not.

recently a well-known technology blog TNW published an article, the share of entrepreneurial startups Exist co-founder Belle Beth Cooper, Exist is committed to a variety of data to help users and their related analysis, and provide in-depth observation, this paper roughly as follows:

In fact, everyone on the

network there is no shortcut, only through hard study, through their own efforts, their development, in order to be successful, but the process is not one or two days, is a long time, whether it is in real life to make money or make money on the Internet, is not an easy thing, are obtained with their own labor! What a day to earn a few hundred? Pure nonsense! Wangzhuan 100-300-500 is started from the first dollar own Wangzhuan


novice operation network to make money, the mentality is very important, not to see how much money, if you really want to make money, we must stick to it, don’t be lazy, to see the relevant knowledge Wangzhuan, it takes time and effort learning Wangzhuan, such as blog forum website optimization website has been set up the network also began to earn from what do not understand the start. Everything is hard in the beginning, now not to earn money, don’t complain, you have to make sure your method is correct and feasible, then even if the early novice could not earn money, but their own experience and experience are very important. Those who make hundreds of thousands of experienced veteran is Wangzhuan novice this painful time, but many people do not persist, they believe in their own ways, insist on doing down, even if you are not Network master, as long as you insist on doing it, you will surely succeed also remember my station www.58task Oh, look at it, and make the flow of advertising alliance click, is to do a little advertising, don’t be a stranger.

this illusion has caused some people despise despise money, free wangzhuan. Because the free Wangzhuan operation, although very simple, but money is more tired, if anyone can easily make the number of days, who still work there? People always look down on me, not to earn money. For example, the 58 task network, every day can earn a little money, free Wangzhuan Wangzhuan is based. Free Wangzhuan is not to earn money, day dream day to earn one hundred yuan, the heart impetuous, or calm down, slowly do.

in addition, many work relationships are maintained by mail. Such as self introduction, organizing meetings and other team activities. Of course, in order to advertise Exist, I also use email to contact many journalists and analysts, etc..

recently, we spent a lot of time in the circle of people, knowing the importance of it and getting good results. But I found it to be like a game.

first of all, I’m not a big fan of LinkedIn myself, but I find that if you need to know someone, you still have to use it. The results showed that LinkedIn still has a lot of social networks have some characteristics that different people have different usage, many people will add a lot of people who do not know, so the network large number do not explain what the problem.

these days to implement a "one size fits all" policy, the heart is too bad, in the morning to see the A5 forum is also closed, has been close to the state of collapse. Now I can not open the station, ah, or quiet down, slowly, and so on, the sky will always be blue, the water will always clear. These days, someone called me and asked, "58, how much money can I make in a day, and I don’t want to earn more than 30 dollars a day?".


I’m mainly responsible for customer support throughout the company, so I need to answer many of the user’s questions via email. But I also offer proactive customer service, that is, initiative to find out what the customer needs and help improve their user experience.

connections are more like a game,

I know it’s hard to start a new startup. I also know that this process is slow, requires a lot of customer development activities, and the development of what people need. But some things I didn’t know at first, such as the following three things:

Website editor should understand the six Shanghai dragon knowledge

what kind of person production content? What editing! As Shanghai dragon er you should train your website from which the editor of the contents of the Shanghai dragon well? I think we should do from the following aspects.

keyword I think "> The

" in the title is very important, because this is the first visitors to see things, visitors can not see you the stuff inside is mostly watching your title is well written, why the "title party" to the title (Title) write so good? "Because the title of the party" he can be very good the site visitor’s psychological, there may be something to write really is not rotten rotten, let a person see will have the feeling of hot events All thoughts are blasted., many Internet and hot news are the "title party" to do it, they will effect every over every must see, see to scold, scold every will fire "," fire "your purpose is achieved, what flow, what ads have come……

second (Title)

of each site operation strategy they know the website is the "content is king" and I also agree with this, there is no content what are the clouds, but also not alone, you have to make your content to bring traffic to the website, the website traffic is alive, the site is of value.


many editors will have such a problem, in the end I write what kind of articles to attract people, bring traffic to the site? As a matter of fact the editor don’t have to worry about is this, because the site planners in the analysis of the needs of users and the website of Shanghai dragon optimization analysis when it has been given out, the editorial staff you can open the website directly to the inside the column to see it (there are generally CMS systems, such as DedeCMS, Empire CMS, PhpCMS and so on, can be directly into the column, the column heading inside to see the description of key words, etc.) or open column page right click and select "view page source" you know the title information, keywords and description of this column. You look inside the keywords to do content can be, if these are not, which is the site planning work is not in place.

The main content of the first

Chinese in Shanghai Longfeng has been developing for several years, but for enterprise site supervisor and edit it is very strange, this is not very understanding, before the station is based on the traditional experience to do, such as large portal station, the traditional newspaper advertising (of course under the cable. Have the opportunity to say), these inputs are not a great deal of cost, enterprises of small and medium enterprises can afford, it raises the question of how to use the least money to do most things? Shanghai Longfeng (search engine optimization) is one of them, it can take your stand with Shanghai Longfeng optimization method to the front, make a site more traffic, but the value from the.

of the selected title"

Keywords on the electricity supplier website how to reasonable layout of each page

, many commercial website owners are usually in the optimization has to pay attention to the layout of the keywords, especially the front page of the key words, from some of the electricity supplier can see on the website home page keywords deployed a lot, which often causes weight loss. Of course, webmaster want to understand is that the first page of the weight value is limited, if will lead to serious loss of weight deployment keywords too much in the home, the other is too many keywords deployed in the home page, the spider cannot decide which keywords are the main keywords and website is the core of what. In addition to the home page, channel page, content page layout is the same, do not too many words, to put the main keywords and long tail keywords separate deployment. The author and the majority of the electricity supplier webmaster exchange, keywords how to reasonable layout of each page.


for example, the main keywords and target keywords, to layout in the first page of this word, because the home page weight, if the target keywords on the home page can be directly brought to the site target user. And the long tail keywords fit in the channel page, content page, when ZhengZhan weight increase, these words can be brought to the site of natural good flow.


two, home page, channel page, inside pages

first, different pages to different keywords. I believe that the electricity supplier website webmaster should be able to understand, there is a saying: "fish for fish and shrimp, looking for" don’t let the fish find "shrimp", so from this sentence we can see the different pages to deploy different keywords, and not only to optimize the home page, the author found that during this period of time for optimization, many small electricity supplier website optimization in the home page, other pages did not go to the optimization, this is a disadvantage for the website, the website to know the channel page, content page is also need to deploy keywords and optimization, are often bring traffic to the site of the content page, and in the conversion rate is higher than that of the home page.

This phenomenon can be seen from the

then, we look at the home page, channel page, content page keywords layout. The above said, a different page corresponding to different keywords, but also when it comes to the home page, corresponding to the target word long tail word corresponding channel pages and content pages. Then the author first for the home page, the home page keyword number not deploy too much, generally 1-3, can be extended into a natural keywords >

, a different page corresponding to different keywords

recently, the author in a small business website optimization of the glasses industry, the author found in the optimization process, there are many small business website deployment in the keywords of a serious problem, of course, this is not happening in the large electricity supplier website on the body. The problem for small electricity supplier website may be security risks, from the top, included, competition may have an impact, so I think you want to remove this security risk, we must improve the deployment of key words in the site, such as going to a reasonable layout of home page, channel page, page in the key words.

Modaobuwukanchaigong search engine to collect principle you know not

is responsible for data collection sites but 2. spider spider behavior is controlled by. The search engine spiders crawling all over the network, it is a creeping regularity, the search engine will update according to law website to dispatch the spider so as to improve work efficiency, such as a daily updated website spider may every day to collect data, on the contrary, if a site updated once a week a spider crawling in a few times, seize the law may update a week to a crawl, so that regular update site is more conducive to the content of the recording and snapshot update.

1. is a collection of search engines rather than collect in search of the user in advance for real-time display of Web data collection, a huge amount of information on the network determines when the search engine may not search in each user to collect data, we get the query result is the search engine in advance with the data in the database.

4. there are two kinds of search engine crawling strategy: the depth and breadth of priority. For different site search engine crawling strategy is not the same, the depth first refers to the spider crawling in to a website down a link has been down the acquisition, such as home column page content page, has been to find the lower link, while spider based breadth first is in compliance a layer of crawling, after climbing the first column page to crawl the content page. For new sites, search engines often follow the breadth first strategy, so often the home page, column page to be included.


follow the prescribed order of the chain, the station optimization can make a web site updated articles naturally have a stable ranking, but if you want to break the bottleneck of the website or let a new speed up included to understand the operating principle of search engines, the first step of search engine is to collect ", that is we often say that the spider crawling and it is very simple, but in fact the principle of search engines crawl the web is very complex, the author will introduce the principle according to their own understanding of some important collection of web search engine.

5. spiders follow some principles in the page to grab, and we are relatively close to the ROBOT principle in ROBOT could prohibit the search engine grab you don’t want to crawl the page for the new station, this is very helpful, because new sites often frequently revised, and the content is not much, so the ban is included it is necessary for the website such as real stability and then put to the search engines.

3. web search engine to collect some seeds from the beginning of the site, the spider crawling must have a starting point, the starting point is called seed sites, these sites are usually some weight high website, for example, NetEase, hao123, so for a new station, if you can leave a link in the website home page is likely to be well received, because the weight of these sites is high, the spider is almost every time to these sites to collect data.